“…I found the course and especially the homework very stimulating. To be forced to finish a piece, think it through to the very end worked really well for me…”

 “…Writing together, really writing. Giving and receiving feedback. Talia’s way of teaching –coaching- appeals to me…”

 “…The evenings as a group, re-reading my pieces and the fun we had together. To discover most of us can really write!…”

 “…Talia, I like your way of teaching. You alternate assignments and firmly put us to work; writing. Participants have to overcome a barrier, but are inspired to keep on writing in the end!…”

 “…It really inspired me, but I am looking for more depth. I hope there will be a sequal…”



Do you want to start writing, but have no idea where to begin? Maybe you wrote a lot in the past and would like to pick that up again. Or you are getting lots of praise for the pieces you write and want to explore this further?
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If you have more ideas than time to actually produce them, try my newest workshop; How to Structure my Creative Ideas.

All my workshops take place in small groups, creating a personal, positive and constructive environment.

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