“I was surprized by the results I got when allowing myself some space, which made me write more freely.”

“It was good to become more aware of what I write.
To think about what people want to hear/read instead of what you want to convey.”

“It was so refreshing to be able to turn off my inner critic when writing.”

“I was engaged throughout the whole workshop, which is pretty amazing since I am pregnant :)”

“It was good to learn how to implement storytelling into my work.”

“The workshop was well-balanced; lots of interaction and assignments, combined with theory.”

“There was an open and friendly group dynamic, Talia gave clear guidance and we were seriously challenged.”

“We got to write a lot but there was also plenty of space to talk and listen to each other.”

“I walked out the door with a story I could directly apply.”

“Talia gave clear examples, it was a very good workshop alltogether!”

“Time flew by.”

Workshops Storytelling for Business

Storytelling in business is a hot topic. Whether it’s for your web content or simply an internal memo, you can’t get away with corporate one-liners anymore. But what is storytelling? What’s the difference between a formal text and a story? And most importantly: how do you engage the people reading it? This two-hour workshop packed with little creative assignments and interesting group discussions introduces you to storytelling and shows you how to apply it to your business.

I like to work in small groups to keep it personal.
You can secure your spot through Eventbrite.
Sign up before it fills up!

The workshop is in English, but you can write in any language you like.

The next one is planned for the summer of 2018.
Do you want one sooner?
If you know at least three people who’d be interested,
you can simply contact me and we can talk dates.

I also host workshops for company teams.
We can focus on customer service content, SEO, or tone of voice.
I do both private sessions and groups (max.10 people).
Just contact me for details and prices.

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What to bring?
A notebook & a pen/pencil.

How much does it cost?
The 2,5-hour workshop costs  €50,-
For company team workshops, please contact me for details.

Sign up here!