Travel Writing Workshop

People who travel, write. Travellers often keep a journal or a blog.
While travelling through Peru I taught writing workshops in the hostels I stayed at. There seemed to be a huge demand as everytime I landed in a new town, there’d be quite a group signing up. These workshops were such a success I decided to continue doing them after my return to Holland and carry on giving one wherever my travel bug takes me. Combining my love for storytelling with travelling turns out to be a perfect match.

In two hours I give useful theory on travel writing, combined with hands-on assignments that stimulate the writing muscles and teach you basic writing skills to liven up your travel journal or blog. The emphasis is on creativity, so anyone can join.

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Where is it?
When I am in Amsterdam,
I run my Travel Writing Workshop at the amazing Zoku.

When is the next one?
December 1st, from 11 am to 1 pm.
You can sign up here.

How much does it cost?
The workshop lasts 2 hours and costs only €30.
For corporate team workshops, different prices apply.
Please contact me for details.

All you need to bring is a notebook and pen/pencil.

The workshop is in English, but you can write in any language you want.

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“I really enjoyed Talia’s creative writing workshop. Through a series of simple but powerful exercises, she gives you the chance to experiment with your writing and learn how to let it flow and add ‘ingredients’ for a potential future story. Inspiring. Thank you Talia!”

“The writing workshop was great! Definitely recommended!! She made space for everybody in the group and her instruction was clear and helpful. And it was ‘gezellig’ bovendien:-) “

“Talia’s workshop really makes one aware of how one’s own creative process works. Am longing to do another one! Come back to Madrid soon, please.”

“At the Travel Writing Workshop Talia hosted a mix of fun international folks – I met some great storytellers. If you want to start travel writing or enhance your skills, you can’t go wrong with this workshop. I specifically like that Talia can nudge you easily in writing mode or better direction when blocked or in doubt. Thanks for the examples and eye-openers!”

“The Travel Writing Workshop which Talia has put together is a great opportunity to restart your creativity and boost your storytelling. She shares a couple of tips and tools which can be implemented in your everyday writing. I’d highly recommend this 2 hour workshop to anyone who is looking for some inspiration or a reason to start travel writing.”

“Want to thank and give much gratitude to Talia for holding a creative writing class in Pisac, Peru a couple of days ago. Was very unexpected but man was it great. Instead of going to the hostel to sleep, I got to spend some time with this bright soul and some friends to get the minds flowing and souls smiling. Talia’s presence alone was worth going to this class. I was actually excited to participate and learn, which is rare for me. She is so sweet, kind, vibrant and has such a warming presence you can’t help but want to open up, be vulnerable, be human, and just have a great time sharing writing and laughter. I was wanting to write for so long but would put it off and was very grateful to get the opportunity to learn more about writing, and writing styles and techniques on how to get the mind flowing if you feel stuck. This was very inspiring and opened myself up to wanting to write more. For sure going to practice what i learned and once again, I want to thank Talia for the class. I highly recommend this class if you happen to be around the same area as her.”