“I found the course and especially the homework very stimulating. To be forced to finish a piece, think it through to the very end worked really well for me”

 “Writing together, really writing. Giving and receiving feedback. Talia’s way of teaching –coaching- appeals to me”

 “Talia, I like your way of teaching. You alternate assignments and firmly put us to work; writing. Participants have to overcome a barrier, but are inspired to keep on writing in the end!”

 8-week writing courses

Whether you carefully want to try out your first stories, lyrics or blogs,
or you have written before and need a creative reboot,
I have several inspiring 8-week courses on offer for you.
Not only are the lessons informative and constructive, but you will also meet other friendly writers along the way.

As I like to keep my classes small and personal, I take only 6 students per course.

Click here to find out about dates & times in 2019.

If you are not sure which course suits you best,
simply contact me and we will figure it out together.

The beginner’s level 1 course

This course is perfect for starting writers. In 8 lessons we tackle subjects such as character building, dialogue, and how to strengthen your story. In a small group of like-minded people you will benefit from their feedback; where does your story become unclear or too long? In a safe environment, you will be able to develop your writing muscles and grow into a true storyteller.

Please contact me if you want to sign up.

The Beginner’s level 2 course
Have you already done a writing course in the past and want to boost your skills? Have you done my beginners 1 course and want to continue? Then this is a perfect place for you to develop your writing skills further. This course leads to two short stories and teaches you more about structure, plotting, and creative content. The feedback and support from the others is extremely beneficial and some students form little writing groups after.
This course is full, you can contact me for details.

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The advanced course
If you did my first two courses or you have a good amount of writing skills/ experience, this is the perfect place.
I believe learning to write is not linear and everyone has strong points and weak points they can continue developing. The most important part is a framework of classes, and a creative crew to stimulate you.
The focus is more on writing and less on theory. I can not emphasize enough the importance of your fellow writers. Their feedback, input, and flaws serve as a huge catapult for your own creative development.
1 spot left!

Where are the courses held?
BounceSpace Amsterdam
Overtoom 141, Amsterdam
Doorbell #1

Sign up here.

Click here to find out about dates & times in 2019.

Make sure you secure a spot if you want to join,
I take only 6 students per class.
You can also check one of my 2-hour workshops this spring/summer to get you going.

What does it cost?
A full course of 8 classes costs €300,-
Each class lasts about 2,5 hours.
If you miss a class, I send you a summary and the homework,
so you can catch up.

After signing up, you will be sent payment details.
You have only secured a spot in the course after paying the fee. 

You can cancel up to 2 weeks before the start of the course.
After that, you are
entitled to 50% of the full amount, up to the first starting date.

Les in het Nederlands?
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