Masterclasses Creative Writing

I hosted 4 Masterclasses this Spring & Summer.
Keep an eye out here for the next ones in the autumn of 2019!

Tension Building
What creates tension and how can you keep it tight throughout your story? We dive into the different elements that heighten the stakes, and who knows what more? (drum roll…)

Comedy writing
Whether we need to distract ourselves from reality or put things into perspective, humour is a vital part of our daily life. But how do you make people laugh? And what makes a piece funny in the first place? Can you be funny? Let’s find out!

Dialogue Writing 
Some people nail dialogue so easily, while others struggle to get a natural conversation going on paper. In this class, we talk dialogue and find tricks to make it interesting and real. But enough talking, let’s write!

Writing for film & tv requires not just a specific format, the content is a little different too. In this class, we will discuss the elements that make up a screenplay, and we’ll end up with a short scene for a movie.
And the Oscar goes to…’

Throughout the spring and summer of 2019, I held my 4 Masterclasses, which were all such a joy to teach.
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The 4-hour masterclass, including lunch, costs €90
For company team workshops, different prices apply.
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We will be at BounceSpace on Overtoom 141
Doorbell #1